We at JETS Gymnastics, we believe that children learn best in a welcoming atmostphere, filled with positive reinforcement and happy people. Our preschool program is designed to use gymnastics and fundamental body movements as a platform to build and strengthen ones' confidence, positive self-image and problem solving skills in a supportive environment. With weekly gymnastic lessons promoting a confident "I can do that" attitude, children develop skills that lay the foundation for success throughout all aspects of their lives.



The Team Program is designed for young boys who seek greater challenges and benefits from the sport of gymnastics. The program puts each boy on an advanced track in order to begin the process of becoming a competitive gymnast. During this process, your son will focus on further developing his strength, flexibility, balance, goal-setting, self-esteem, and team work (the foundation of all competitive sports) - having FUN!

Entry into team is through a selections and trial process, or through the recommendation of a team coach. The boy's head coach is Valentin Fruznac from Romania. He has been involved in the sport of gymnastics for over 20 years. Phil Barton is our level 4 coach and has been coaching since 2006.

The USA Gymnastics Level program is an incremental program, with Level One being the entry Level (Lowest) and Level 10 being the culminating Level (Highest). At JETS, gymnasts begin to compete in the USAG JO program at Level 3. From there they progress through the compulsory JO Levels (Level 3 through to 5) and eventually to optional Levels (Level 6 though to Elite).

Entry into team is through a selections and trial process.  Our girls team coaches include David Arnett, Daniel Nelson and Jody Pedri.  We have a very competitive JO program with many state and regional champions.




The Xcel competitive team is principally geared to athletes who have been involved in the F-Series Preschool and Recreational programs and have displayed the skills necessary to participate in the team experience. The Xcel program is for children ages 6 and up and is modifyed optionals levels. Competitions at this level are designed to be less pressure with an emphasis on creating a positive experience for each girl.  Meet Season runs from December - April. We have had great success in our Xcel program.  We are the current state champions at the silver level for the 2nd year in a row.